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  • TRIPLE LAYER FILTRATION: – Constructed of a melt-blown, polypropylene, non-woven middle layer, our mask assures a waterproof shield barrier with effective filtration for optimal protection
  • COMFORTABLE & BREATHABLE: – Made of a soft, non-irritating, high-quality, hypoallergenic, moisture-proof fabric, which provides the ultimate safeguard and breathability, without discomfort. Flexible, adjustable nose strip over for a perfect fit and seal with soft inner layer and elastic ear loop.
  • GENERAL USE ONLY: Our mask is intended for general, personal use only. These masks are not reusable or washable and should be disposed of after each use. Do not attempt to clean the masks with water, alcohol, or disinfectant as it may damage the filtering effect of the mask.
  • INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: – With the blue side facing out, nose strip up, and holding the ear loops in both hands, place the mask against your face covering both nose and mouth. Place earl-loops around both ears. Adjust mask to fit securely under the chin and over the bridge of the nose. Mask should cover nose, mouth, and chin.
  • PACK OF 50 MASKS: Pack of 50 disposable masks per box. Our masks our made of environmentally friend, non-toxic materials.
50-PACK Disposable Face Masks – 3-Ply Blue Mask
USD $ 14.99